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Welcome to our ultramodern hair restoration center in Turkey, where we offer our expertise on a wide range of hair loss issues in men and women. We are ultramodern because we have a team of expert doctors who work via modern techniques and specialized technological facilities to make your hair transplant process smooth and hassle-free.
Our procedures follow an unique process for each case, which makes us distinct from our competitors in Turkey.

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent step towards restoring lost hair or baldness in parts of the body through the use of existing hair in a natural, convenient, and technically-driven process. The result is a permanent hair growth with no damage or effect to the donating regions.

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Meet Dr Yasemin and Her Dedicated Team

Dr. Yasemin Savas
ISHRS Member Doctor

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Since its inception, our hair transplant center has consistently maintained excellence in providing the best hair transplant services in Turkey. Using up-to-date equipment and facilities, together with the knowledge on aesthetic density, we have recorded indefatigable success in hair restoration.

Our services are not stereotyped; instead, we pay attention to every case of our patients through individual consultations and discovering the appropriate hair surgery that suits each patient.

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    We Perform:
    • Hair Transplant
    • Beard Transplant
    • Eyebrow Transplant
    • Corrective Surgery

    Unique Hair Transplant Procedures

    Our hair transplant services in Turkey is quite different from other centers as we work with very innovative expertise. We carry out every process of the transplant within the confines of our hospitals abiding by International medical ethics.

    The success of our patients is our sole responsibility because we operate a hospital and not an agency. Besides, each procedure is peculiar to each patient’s case, and we bluntly frown at automated operations.

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      Cutting-Edge Technology

      We provide all modern hair restoration techniques in our center which allows you to have optimum hair transplant result. Each techniques are determined by patient needs. No other center can boast of this techiqnues all together in Turkey except ours.

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      Dedicated Doctor

      Your treatment and care are not supervised by any technician, but rather, Dr. Yasemin herself.  She is member of International Society of Hair Restoration(ISHRS) and  head of the center. Therefore, we ensure your safety.

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      Expert Team

      Each division of our team plays a specific role determined by their intelligence, sincerity, motivation, and love towards the comfort and satisfaction of each patient.
      At our hospital, we provide also interpretation support in many languages.

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      Guaranteed Result

      There is a total guarantee for permanent and natural hair growth. Aside from that, we have a dedicated team that follow-up each case until you are satisfied with your result.

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