Motorized FUE

doctor is using micro motor

Automated Motorized FUE Extraction in Hair Transplant

The automated motor is prevalently preferred in a one-day duration extraction process, together with situations where a high graft number is required.

What is Motorized FUE Extraction?

It is an electrical instrument, comprising of a motor with speed control and a small punch within it. The punch has adjustable sizes, which varies with the patient’s hair follicles. The punch revolves around the hair follicles and then cuts it, leaving a circular shape. Afterward, the grafted are collected  by a tweezer.

What are The Benefits of Using a Motorized FUE Extraction?

  • The process is automated, and there is no need for surgical cuts
  • It produces significant follicles per session (up to 5000 depending on the quality of the donor area)
  • It does not leave a mark on the site, especially when operated by an expert physician.
  • It permits the extraction of grafts from other donor areas such as the BHT.
  • It can compress two session extraction into one. Also, it is preferable to use in cases of more mega session extraction.

These techniques above have been proven to improve the FUE method. However, the most efficient technique amongest them depends on the case of the patient. A physician handling the process best determines it.

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