Painless Hair Transplant

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The Use of a Special Injector for a Painless Hair Transplant

A painless injector (needleless injector) is used to give patients pain-free anesthesia during the hair transplant process. It eliminates the fear of pain as a result of the needle in some patients.

This tool was established because some patients get scared at the slightest sight of needles, irrespective of whether it going to harm them or not.

Local Anesthesia is administered at the initial stage of hair transplant so that the patients do not undergo any pain during the process. It is applied both at the donor and recipient site as they are the only areas that require anesthesia. In some cases, such as the classic local anesthesia, a dental needle which is very small in size is used.

Moreover, there are still cases where some patients do not want to sight needles irrespective of how small it might look. A process is known as “needleless injection,” has been developed to cater for such patients.

Mechanism of Action of The Needless Injection

The mechanism of action of this needle is based on the principal of a string consisting of a narrowly injected liquid at high pressure which passes through the epidermal layer of the skin within few seconds.

The liquid spreads to the subcutaneous tissue through the region of minimal resistance, assuming the shape of a cone. Thus, there is no presence of a sharp needle, and therefore, it helps to avoid scars or tissue damage.

The needless injection occurs within microseconds, where the body system absorbs the liquid in a fast and effective way.

These tools became a necessity due to the obstacle that is encountered with most patients under medical care as a result of their fear for needles. Therefore, the technology has been incorporated into the hair transplant surgery for individuals who face the same challenges of needle intolerance.

As stated earlier, we do not regard hair transplant as a complete surgery; instead, it is a process that involves minimal pain, and lesser obstruction in cosmetic treatments.

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