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Facial Hair Transplant – A Natural Grow a Thicker and Fuller Beard.

Through the process of facial hair transplant, individuals who have inadequate genes that code for hair growth can now smile because the permanent solution is here.

Beard transplant follows the same procedure like hair transplant, but it is easier when compared to a hair transplant. Tiny hair follicles from the donor (fuller area at the back of the head) are extracted and transplanted to the recipient region (bald area of the beard or where burns had occurred). The same tool (manual punch or micro motor) is also used here for extraction of hair follicles.

When Will I Start to Observe Growth?

Generally, growth takes place immediately after the process is completed. However, the maximum result is observed about six months after the operation. Within this period, you would notice several changes with the implanted beard.

The first appearance of hair is mostly after a week from which the implanted beards begin to fall off. The falling off will give rise to the growth of natural permanent beard which initially occurs as baby hairs. These baby hairs are observed within three months.

The final growth (the permanent hair) takes place within three to six months period. In some patients, it can stay for up to 8 months for a noticeable full-blown beard.

Beard Transplant in Turkey

The unique feature of a beard transplant in Turkey, which makes it different from a hair transplant is that the former demands more expertise. An expert should make proper incisions, which will ensure a natural result. It has prompted us to provide a team of beard transplant experts with the appropriate techniques, and this makes us outstanding in Turkey.

There is a high influx of individuals into Turkey for beard transplant, and we have the best both in terms of physician experience, and modern techniques.

Cost of Beard Transplant in Turkey

Beard transplant cost in Turkey is relative depending on each patient’s case or condition. Some situations require immediate measures, while some instances require prolonged steps. However, it is not appropriate for a transplant doctor to give a specific price without assessing such patient’s situation.

Although, if we compare the cost in Turkey to other parts of the world, it is generally low in Turkey. A reason why most people prefer to have their beard transplant in Turkey.

The process of beard transplant is becoming famous especially in an age where most men desire different styles or shapes of beard. A natural and permanent solution to achieve this is via beard transplantation.

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