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Has Hair Transplant Gone Wrong? Fix It!

A quality hair transplant result goes unnoticeable to the general public and even the physician that did it. Yes, but if the right tools and expertise are explored, the result is a natural hair.  However, there are some situations where some individuals experience an undesirable outcome from their hair transplant which can be due to the use of the wrong technology, inadequate technical know-how from the physician or a gradual hair loss. In such a case, an expert is required to carry out a corrective hair transplant.

The Meaning of The Term “Corrective Hair Transplant.”

A Corrective hair transplant is a process of fixing Improper transplantation or deficiencies that must have occurred during the initial hair transplant process. The main idea behind this process is to ensure the individual gets the natural hair he or she deserves.

Although a wrong hair transplant might get unnoticed for a long time, the services of an expert surgeon can correct the mishap irrespective of how long it took to detect it.

How Does The Process Take Place?

The success of a corrective hair transplant depends on the number of times the patients have had an unsuccessful operation. The higher the number, the lower the chances of having an excellent corrective hair transplant. However, this is where our experts come in to help these patients.

Firstly, we assess the donor area to ensure it is still healthy to make more donations. Similarly, we also deploy the BHT technique where necessary. Our expert doctors will extract the hair follicles from the donor with caution and accuracy because such patients might not have the ability to perform another transplant again. The extracted grafts are placed carefully in the right positions and angles to ensure that these patients get the desired natural result.

What Causes Failure in Hair Transplant?

Some of the factors that contribute to failure in hair transplant include:

  1. Competition – In Turkey today, a lot of hospitals are struggling to gain audience in their local environment. These have led to the development of poor services in some of these hospitals. They have paid more attention to competition, rather than focus on offering quality service. Some hospitals go to the extent of reducing their costs to attract patients.

The consequence is that the process will be left for amateurs to handle because no expert is willing to work at such ridiculous prices. Moreover, a high number of competing hospitals leaves most unsuspecting patients confused on the right choice to make. Such a patient might end up in the wrong clinic, and the result is unsuccessful hair transplantation.

  1. Poor Expertise By Physicians in Hair Transplant – as the number of hair centers in Istanbul increases, so do we record an increase in the number of incompetent doctors that have been employed by most hospitals. In such hospitals, the patients become their specimen for experience.
  1. The After-Transplant Factor – some patients fail to follow the proper instructions given to them by their physician after the transplant. This can contribute to a transplant gone wrong.
  2. Hair Centers that Operate More Like a Commercial Center – some hospitals have decided to pay less attention to the medical aspect of the hair transplant; rather, they see their services as a means to make money. After the operation, the patient is neglected. As a result of this, the patients do not get the proper attention and guidance, which leads to a poor outcome.

Corrective Hair Surgery in Turkey

Have you been a victim of this improper hair transplant in other medical centers? Kindly visit us today as we will restore a permanent solution to it through our corrective hair transplant in Turkey. Our corrective hair transplant surgeries in the past have attested to the quality medical doctors that we parade in our clinic.

Our doctors will carefully examine your case and proffer the best corrective method to restore your natural hair. Here in our hospital, we boast of a variety of facilities that caters for every situation.

Cost of Corrective Hair Surgery in Turkey

Corrective hair surgery, as we mentioned earlier, involves the use of a variety of facilities. Therefore, we generally examine the state of your hair, get some information about your previous transplants, before we can give a quote as regards the costs for the surgery.

You can start by sending your pictures across to our doctors through our consultation forms for review and free assessment.


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