Eyebrow Transplant

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Grow Permanent and Natural Eyebrows!

Eyebrow transplant is an aesthetic process aimed towards the replacement of eyebrows that have been lost due to natural or human-made circumstances. It requires the use of different procedures, which however, varies according to each patient.

Aside from being an aesthetic aided process, it also involves the transfer of grafts from the donor region to the area of the eyebrows that lack hairs. It is quite challenging and therefore, commands some technical requires expertise to achieve the natural result.

The FUE method is commonly used, but it requires a sound physician to be able to identify the recipient site that will give the required direction and angle of growth.  Aside from that, it should also be designed aesthetically in a way that will complement the patient facial features.

How Does Eyebrow Transplant Work?

The process of eyebrow transplant cannot be carried out without synergy between the patient and our doctors. Of course, we get you involved in every step that we take to ensure that you get the appropriate design and natural appearance.

The process can be tricky, but it simple when handled by experts. During the procedure, up to 400 grafts containing one or two hairs per graft can be implanted on the eyebrow. The number also depends on the case of the patient.

Before the commencement of the process, Local anesthesia is administered to the patient to eliminate any discomfort that might occur. The hair from the donor area is extracted using the FUE method. The kind of method, however, depends on the agreement between the patient and the doctor. Discuss your concerns with the physician and let him understand your aim for the transplant.

The grafts at times can be obtained from the lower part of the nape (back of the head) to get hairs with a texture that suits the eyebrows. After this extraction, the physician will examine and prepare the recipient site to determine the direction and angulation of hair growth.

The next is to implant the graft individually into the recipient sites and creating the perfect angles until the best design is achieved. Generally, the process can take up to four hours, but the time is dependent on the number of grafts that has to be transplanted.

Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey

Our hospital, over the years, has established an impeccable eyebrow transplant process for a wide range of individuals. This is as a result of our distinct ultramodern equipment and techniques.

We provide a substantial eyebrow transplant service here in Turkey, and it is an envy of all.

What is The Cost of Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey?

To get a specific quote about an eyebrow transplant in Turkey, we have to put several factors into consideration. Some of these factors include the technique, amount of grafts needed, refinement methods, number of sessions required, and much more.

Therefore, it is advisable to book an online consultation with our physicians who will assess you for free and give you an appropriate cost depending on your case.

You can start by sending your pictures across to our doctors through our consultation forms for review and free assessment.


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