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Hair loss is a condition that is experienced by both genders. The process of hair transplant is becoming more prevalent among women than men, because of the outstanding result it achieves in women.

Why Do Women Hair Break or Fall Out?

Breakage or hair fall out is experienced in women due to several conditions. Some of these include medications, therapeutic effect, physical or emotional stress, and some cosmetics. It is vital for you as a woman to monitor your hair and report any case of abnormal hair loss to your health care provider or dermatologist.

Your health care provider can also refer you to see a psychologist or physiotherapist if it has to deal with emotional situations. Women feel disappointed and unhappy with themselves when they abnormally lose hair. However, with the invention of hair treatment and transplant process, you can get your natural hair back and maintain it permanently with solutions such as the prp or mesotherapy.

How Does a Female Hair Transplant Process Take Place?

The procedure is carried out using the FUE method or DHI implantation. Perhaps, the latter is preferred to the former in female hair transplant, because most women do not want a shaved hair during the process. Therefore, DHI is the perfect idea for the most female hair transplant process.

It also enables the surgeon to transplant the grafts to the recipient area without making incisions enabling the area to recover faster when compared to the classic FUE method.

During female hair transplant, the patient is awake throughout the process but the effect of anesthesia will not make her feel any discomfort or pain. The procedure is pain-free. Therefore, you can return to your place of residence immediately after the process.  The time taken to complete the survival transplant is mostly between 6 – 8 hours.

The Success of Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

We have been able to understand and identify relying factors which contributes to hair loss.  Most popular among them are hormones, genes, anxiety, or pathological conditions. These have enabled us to consistently provide hair restoration services for both men and women in Turkey.

We have dedicated doctors who operate special tools that are specific to women because the procedure of female hair transplant is different from the male. We design a unique process for this, and we also carry out the DHI method specifically for women.

Cost of Female Hair Transplant Process in Turkey

There is no set cost for female hair transplant in Turkey. The process changes according to the patient’s condition or baldness level. The technical know-how of each case varies, but this is not to negate the fact that the process is generally cheap and affordable in Turkey.

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