Unshaven FUE (DHI)

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DHI & Unshaven Hair Transplant Techniques

DHI is another astonishing equipment used in the FUE procedure for graft implantation without making incisions. Its unique advantage is that it provides an unshaven hair transplant.

The method each physician decides to implement in hair transplant depends on the condition of the patients. Today, physicians are exposed to a lot of hair transplant techniques, which includes the DHI method. DHI, which is a modern technique developed by South Korean doctors, is commonly used in the hair restoration process.

It was conventionally known as Choi Pen, but today several businesses have designed several names for this equipment. The most popular is the “Direct Hair Implantation,” a name that was coined by a company In Greece.

How Do We Perform DHI Hair Transplant?

The DHI operates based on the combination of two procedures (site creation and graft implantation), which occurs at the same time. That is to say; the grafts are implanted directly into the recipient area without making an incision pathway in the area. It is achieved through the use of a Implanter Pen that consists of a hollow needle in connection with a tube and plunging instrument. It is popularly known as the “Choi Method.”

Advantages of Using The DHI Method

  • It limits the time that grafts use outside the body after extraction. Thus, improving the health of implanted grafts.
  • It improves the survival chances of hair follicles
  • It prevents bleeding, trauma, or pain at the recipient’s area during transplant
  • The recipient site recovers quickly, which aids a faster recovery for the patient
  • A process that involves shaving of the donor site but not the recipient region

Unshaving Hair Transplant Using DHI

Previously, it is essential to shave the hair before commencing hair transplant, but the DHI innovation has provided a solution known as the unshaven technique (U-FUE). It is a huge advantage, especially for women who have refused to have a hair transplant because they don’t like the idea of shaving.

How Does This Take Place?

Very simple; once the anesthesia has been administered, extraction occurs by removing the hair from the back of the head. After this, the follicles are implanted directly using the Choi Pen to the recipient area without canalizing. We simply load the grafts into the pen, and place the pen directly on the transplant area without shaving the hairs.

After the process, you do not need to remain in the hospital because it does not thwart your ability to carry out your daily activities. It is an optional technique that depends on each patient’s choice.

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